9-30 Watts 3.5 Meters Solar Garden Lights in Kenya

Solar Garden Light

Code: LU-SGL-9W-30W-3.5M

Power Consumption: 9W-30W

High efficiency polycrystalline solar panel

Durable, shockproof, safe actual application

Soft, anti-glare design, High brightness LED light source

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Configuration Parameters For This Product:

Code: LU-SGL-9W-30W-3.5M
Solar Panel: 30W 17V, high-efficient crystalline PV module, IP65 guard level
LED Lamp: 9W 12VDC – LED bulb, super bright white light, >110 lm/W
Pole: 3.5m high, hot-dip galvanized and spray coated treatment – including lamp fixture and solar panel holder – bottom designed with battery steel box
Controller: 12V 10A, light/time intelligent control, waterproof type
Battery: 12V 33AH – solar special lead-acid battery, fully sealed deep cycle free maintenance type
Cable: 7m/set, RVV2*4, internal standard
Working Time: 8~10 hours/day, battery capacity for 3 continuous days backup
Product Features:
– The pole patterns are standardized type, practical and economical, which can also be customized as per client’s specific requirement.
– Using high efficiency Polycrystalline solar panel.
– Durable, shockproof – Safe: environmentally friendly. The optimized heat sink design to ensure the LED junction temperature.
– Designed to provide soft, anti-glare and effective ambient.
– Lighting using high brightness LED light source and special anti-glare design.


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