7-50Watts 3 Meters Solar Garden Lights and lamps in Kenya

Solar Garden Light

Code: LU-SGL-2X7W-50W-3M

Power Consumption: 2x 7W-50W

High efficiency polycrystalline solar panel

Durable, shockproof, safe actual application

Soft, anti-glare design, High brightness LED light source

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Solar Lamps in Kenya:

Solar lamps are a reliable source of illumination and are instrumental in supplying light for many families in Kenya. Lumitek has been the leading distributor of these lamps and has fulfilled many orders.

Lumitek can provide solar lamps without compromising quality or price, which is why they have succeeded in the Kenyan market. Our solar lamps in Kenya are not only affordable but are also very efficient in their lighting abilities.

They are also durable, which is not commonly found in similar products. The lamps we provide for the Kenyan market have a universal charging system with two different connection methods, both of which can fit into any socket provided by Kenyans.

This makes it easier for many people who have access to electricity but need more ability to fasten their lamp onto a socket due to the lack of an appropriate outlet.

7-50 Watts 3 Meters Solar Garden Lights and lamps in Kenya:

Lumitek’s solar garden lights provide great lighting for any setting. The lamps are very efficient in their energy output and are the perfect solution for any setting requiring illumination.

They come in various shapes and sizes, each providing different amounts of illumination depending on their shape. All of these lamps are convenient both in the energy they require and how they can be used.

They contain a universal charging system with two different connection methods, and all the connections are designed to fit into any outlet provided by Kenyans. These lights have become very popular amongst Kenyans due to their efficiency and reliability and can be found in many business areas. Our lamps are also found in most homes and are the ideal lighting source for domestic and commercial settings.

Configuration Parameters For This Product:

Code: LU-SGL-2X7W-50W-3M
Solar Panel: 50W 17V, high-efficient crystalline PV module, IP65 guard level
LED Lamp: 2pcs*7W 12VDC – LED bulb, super bright white light, >110 lm/W
Pole: 3m high, hot-dip galvanized and spray-coated treatment – including lamp fixture and solar panel holder – bottom designed with battery steel box
Controller: 12V 10A, light/time intelligent control, waterproof type
Battery: 12V 55AH – solar special lead-acid battery, fully sealed deep cycle free maintenance type
Cable: 7m/set, RVV2*4, internal standard
Working Time: 8~10 hours/day, battery capacity for 3 continuous days backup
Product Features:
– The pole patterns are standardized type, practical and economical, which can also be customized as per client’s specific requirement.
– Using high efficiency Polycrystalline solar panel.
– Durable, shockproof – Safe: environmentally friendly. The optimized heat sink design to ensure the LED junction temperature.
– Designed to provide soft, anti-glare and effective ambient.
– Lighting using high brightness LED light source and special anti-glare design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the features of the 7-50Watts 3 Meters Solar Garden Lights?

Lumitek offers standardized and economical pole patterns that can also be tailored to meet individual customer needs.

  • The product uses a high-efficiency polycrystalline solar panel.
  • The design is durable, shock-resistant, and eco-friendly, with an optimized heat sink to maintain optimal LED junction temperature.
  • The lighting provides a soft, anti-glare, and effective ambient effect thanks to high-brightness LED lights and a unique anti-glare design.

2. How do the Solar Lamps work, and what is the power source?

Solar lamps use solar panels to use sunlight as an energy source, which is then converted into electrical energy and stored in batteries. This energy in batteries is used to light up solar lamps.


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