Integrated Solar Street Lights 20Watts -45Watts in Kenya

Integrated Solar Street Light

Code: LU-ISSL-20W-45W

Power Consumption: 20W-45W

Mono Solar Panel, over 100 lm/W Bridge lux LED adopted

Long service time Lithium-Iron phosphate battery

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Configuration Parameters For This Product:

Code: LU-ISSL-20W-45W
Light Source: 20W, 25W, 30W, 40W, 45W
Solar Panel: 45W (Mono), 50W (Mono), 60W (Mono), 60W (Mono), 65W (Mono)
Mott cell Lithium Battery: (12.8V / 20AH), (12.8V / 21AH), (12.8V / 24AH), (12.8V / 30AH), (12.8V / 33AH)
Human Body Sensing: Yes, Yes, Yes
Luminous Flux(LED): 2400-2700 lm, 3000-3375 lm, 3600-4050 lm, 4800-5400 lm, 5652-6075 lm
Visual Angle: 120
Color Temperature: 3500-6500k
Charge Time: 6hours(Strong sunshine)
Working Time: (Full power: 10hours), (Half power: 20hours)
Install Height: 5-6m, 5-6m, 6-7m, 6-7m, 7-8m
Lighting Space: 18-20m, 18-20m, 18-20m, 18-20m, 18-20m
Product Features:
– Using high efficient monocrystalline solar panels, solar energy conversion rate is 18%.
– Imported LED light source modules, luminous efficiency up to 100 lm / W.
– Using high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery, the number of charge-discharge cycles is up to 1500-2000.
– Body sensor can automatically adjust the brightness depending on the crowd change.
– Integrated design can help to save on shipping, easy installation.


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